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The largest airport in the world

The largest airport in the world has opened. It is located in Turkey, Istanbul.

On October 29, the grand opening of the largest airport in the world took place. This is the third airport in Istanbul. At the moment, the airport will be able to accept a limited number of flights, but by the end of the year it will work at full capacity. The airport will be able to receive up to 90 million passengers annually. The airport will be improved and expanded. Previously, in 10 years, its area will reach 75,000 m2 annually; the airport will receive about 200 thousand passengers and will have six runways.

The HES code what it is?

Now you can get into a bank or a government institution only after presenting the so-called HES code.

Tourists after the COVID-19 pandemic

The numbers of tourists arriving in Turkey, are pleasing the economy.

Solar panels in Turkey

The first production facility for solar modules in Turkey.

Safe vacation in Turkey

Measures for a safe stay.

COVID-19 and the turkish economy

Good news for the Turkish economy.

Citizenship for investments

Is the demand for Turkish citizenship high?

Investments in agriculture

Interest in returns of capital from agriculture is growing.

Alanya dog hotel and school

A dog hotel and education center in Alanya.

Happy kids Day!

An international World Children's Day is celebrated in Turkey on June 1st.

Start international flights to Turkey

Previously, we had announced in our news, Turkey will restart international flights in June 2020. Below you will find a list of all flight dates with countries designation.

Atatürk Memorial Day, Sports and Youth Day

Today Turkey celebrates the Atatürk Memorial Day, Sports and Youth Day.

Alanya is recovering from the pandemic

Hooray! The quarantine in Alanya will end on May 27th, 2020.