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You dream of a second home in Turkey, but you don't have enough equity!
Don't worry! Since 2007 – foreigners are allowed to apply for real-estate credit.
There are different banks which grant a loan for real-estate.


1. You are 18 or older
2. You are a European resident
3. You've been working in a job longer than 6 months
4. You have a positive response from a credit agency

Bank performance:

  • Multiple-family (multi-family) dwellings simple-family home
  • Credit line is up to 40-50% of the estimated value.
  • Buyers have to pay the appraisal expertise independent of how financing comes into existence.
  • Credit levels are between 10,000 € (minimum amount) and 250,000 € (maximum amount) per object.
  • Contract period: max 25 years
  • Service charge: 1,5 - 2% of the loan amount

We will support you to get financing for your Turkish real-estate and help you to bring all necessary documents together.