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Rent of your property

Once you have decided to sell your Turkey property, perhaps it might be an option for you to rent it out?

No problem. We can take care of it.

Please send us an e-mail with the following information:

• Object-type (flat, detached house, villa, etc.)
• Property Management
• Living and Land area
• Floors
• Bedrooms
• Bathroom
• Desired selling price

We can offer to sell or to rent your property for you and will provide the following services:

• Identification of current market-driven position ie whether is it best for you to sell or rent your property at any given time
• Prepare meaningful and illustrated exposés
• Presentation of your property in the major national and international real estate portals
• Offer your property to our prospective earmarked clients by e-mail
• Professionally designed ads in the press
• Use of a sale sign ready for immediate occupancy buildings (on request)
• Carrying out property viewings with prospective customers and representing your interests when negotiating
• Implementation of purchase and rental agreements in your language
• Preparation of the land register with all related paperwork for you and the buyer
• Comprehensive service until the end of the sales process


Good advice for an estate sale in Alanya is that an estate agency is granted an exclusive contract. Thus the broker for the agreed contract period will work with intense efforts to get the desired sales to a conclusion.

In this case, within their remit, the broker shall include a comprehensive implementation of promotional activities, at their own expense. In return, the seller will waive to employ other agents or third parties. The broker shall present their expertise, connections and knowledge and shall offer this in order to complete settlement terms for a real estate transaction in the service of the seller.

We find a different situation in general valid sales contract of a property in Alanya. In a general sales contract, the agency is not required to make any special activity to drive sales. He simply takes the facts and notes that the property is for sale; he then waits until a suitable prospect reports.

When various agents have been instructed, there is a risk that the service offered by many can be "Offered to death." The same property can be represented differently, including the features and the descriptions, even the price can be passed on differently by the stakeholders. The object or the intention to sell might itself then not seem particularly trustworthy.

Many experiences have shown that a property that is often offered by the same time, and by many, is often not sold.