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Fines in Turkey will increase in 2024

Violations of traffic rules in our region are, unfortunately, a frequent phenomenon.

In 2024, fines for violating traffic rules will increase.

So 1510 liras will have to be paid for driving through a red light, for exceeding the speed limit or for talking on a mobile phone while driving. The fine for drunk driving will be 6 thousand 735 liras.

Driving an untested vehicle onto the road and for failure to comply with overtaking rules will result in a fine of 1,507 TL.

Removal of a vehicle that, as a result of an inspection, is found to be unsafe, from traffic 3136 TL.

Driving a car without a driver's license 13,978 TL.

Driving a car while deprived of a license 12,978 TL.

Driving a car with an expired driver's license 2610 TL. The most expensive violation is driving under the influence of drugs or stimulants, the fine will be 33,240 TL.

If you pay the fine within 15 days after a traffic violation is recorded, the amount of the fine will be 25% less.

We also advise foreigners who rent a car in Turkey before flying out of the country to check whether they have any violations. Otherwise, you will not be released from the country and will have to stay in Turkey until the fines are paid.