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Dimcay, summer paradise in Alanya

The area around the Dimcay River is one of the wonderful places in Alanya.

The area around the Dimcay River is one of the wonderful places in our city. A meeting point for family breakfast, for a picnic with friends or a relaxing place on the weekend after a productive work week.

The Dimcay River raises high in the mountains and flows into the Mediterranean sea after almost 200 km.

Along the river in the Tosmur district there are promenades with cafes, benches and gazebos. Geese and ducks swim in the crystal-clear water and accompany you on your walk. A real paradise on hot summer days offers you equipped picnic spots. You can easily get there by city bus or taxi. Take the Cevreyolu ring road towards Tosmur. At the intersection near the Migros, turn towards the mountains and follow the Dim Cayi sign. This location can also be reached via the Kestel district. The road takes you up into the mountains, where there are picnic areas along the river and plenty of places to relax. Here you will find several cafes, some with pools, water slides and hammocks. The water in the river is around +10 all year round. Dimcay picnics are particularly popular in the hot summer months. When you climb the mountains, you will feel the difference in air temperatures in the city and in this place. In addition, the cold water of the river ensures amazing coolness.

Most of the cafés are arranged so that the arbors are on wooden rafts or metal structures right on the water. There are places where you can hang your feet in the water, but this is only a short pleasure. Swimming in the river is not prohibited. But it is unlikely that someone will be comfortable in the ice water for a long time. It gives coolness and freshness.

The menu in the restaurants is very good. If you like a quieter environment, choose a cafe in quiet river bays. If you want to feel the power of nature, a place near a waterfall is ideal. The cafes are open late into the night.

For fishing enthusiasts, there is a great opportunity to catch the fish yourself.

Alanya is a diverse place with several and fundamentally different possibilities to arrange leisure time to every taste.