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The ancient city of Syedra, Alanya

The ancient city of Syedra is 20 km east of the city center.

The ancient city of Syedra is 20 km east of the city center. Located on the mountain, it offers beautiful panoramic views of the entire coast. It is estimated that the city was inhabited from the 7th century BC to the 13th century AD.

Syedra lied on the border between two important regions called Pamfilia and Cilicia. The city enjoyed its heyday in Byzantine times. During the Seljuk rule it lost importance.

The city stretched from the coast to the mountains. It is known that Pompey stayed here on the way out of a war campaign in 48 AD. At the beginning of our era, the city minted its own coins.

In the 2nd century Karakesion (today Alanya) was constantly attacked by pirates. One of the pirates, Diadoto's Tryphon, captured Alanya and made it his base. At the same time, the Syedra residents knew how to successfully defend themselves against the attacks. It could be due to the city's convenient location. From here you can see large areas of the sea and the entire surrounding area.

A great advantage was the existence of water sources in the city. Together with collected rainwater, Syedra was able to keep its thermal baths running.

The ruins of a former basilica, a thermal bath house, a colonnade street made of granite, a trade market and cisterns (water depot) have been preserved.

How to find the place

Syedra lies between the Kargicak and Demirtas districts. On the D-400 you will see a brown sign "Syedra". Follow the signs for about 1400 meters until you see a school. From there an unpaved path continues downhill to the parking lot of the ancient city.