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The Red Tower

This building is depicted on the flag of the city.

The sights of the Alanya coast delight with its diversity.

The Red Tower built in the 13th century is truly the most beautiful place in Alanya.

The so-called Kizil Kule, translated from Turkish, is part of larger complex - Alanya Fortress. Kizil Kule Tower is one of the city's attractions.

It got its name because of the material of which it is made - red brick, turned out to be very durable and the structure is still considered the best-preserved Seljuk building.

The tower consists of 5 floors whit 85 stone steps, a height of 33 meters, a diameter of 29 meters, the length of each wall is 12.5 meters.

Remarkably, sunlight shines through all floors: from the highest to the lowest.

The ethnographic museum is located on the ground floor, here you can get information about the history of the tower and the city, as well as learn a little about Seljuk heraldry.

Indeed, it was during the reign of the Seljuk Sultan of Anatolia Ala-al-Din Kay-Kubad that the construction of this defensive tower began.

The construction was built primarily to protect the port and the city from attacks from the sea.

The last restoration was carried out in the 1950s. And for visitors it was opened in 1979.