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Antique shipyard in Alanya

One of the best-preserved ancient shipyards in the Mediterranean.

In ancient times, it was the place of construction and repair of sea ships. This position was chosen for a reason. The water level here is below the level of the adjacent sea, so that the ships standing in the shipyard were in a dry place.
Like many Seljuq buildings from the 13th century, this sight deserves special attention. Built on behalf of Alaaddin Keykubat in just 1 year (1227-1228). Used until 1361 for its intended purpose. In the later 1400 served for merchant ships from Syria, Cyprus and Egypt.
The sultan fulfilled his old dream and became ruler of two seas.
First, a shipyard was built on his orders at the Black Sea and then here in Alanya.
Like many structures of that time, the yard was necessary in military matters.
It is 56.5 meters long and 44 meters wide. It consists of five docs.
A coat of arms from the Allaadin Keykubat can still be seen on the entrance door to the shipyard.

This attraction is in the port of Alanya.
Go towards the Red Tower and follow the signs along the protective wall.