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Document Iskan

What is Iskan and what is it used for?

Iskan - the act of putting a real estate unit into operation.

There are 2 Iskan levels.

The first Iskan (Genel Iskan) is requested by the construction company at its own expense from the authorities. This document reflects the approval and technical data for commissioning a building or building complex.

The second Iskan is the so-called technical passport for an apartment in a residential building (Ferdi Iskan). Often the cost of obtaining this Iskan is in the buyer's expenses (if the document is not included in the seller's sales records). This document shows the technical characteristics of the apartment.

Iskan is important for the conclusion of contracts for the supply of water and electricity at public institutions.

Is it possible to buy an apartment in Turkey without Iskan?

Buying property in Turkey without Iskan is possible, especially if it is an object under construction. However, it is at all times recommended to take a close look at the paragraph regarding the the act of putting the property into operation (genel iskan). It is also advisable to set approximate deadlines for the construction company to receive Iskan and its responsibility for compliance with this obligation.

If the house is already occupied and this document is missing, it makes sense to deal with the topic in more detail. If the documents for the registration were submitted late, the confirmation of the application can be requested from the responsible authority. If the application is not made at all, the buyer should be careful.

Without Genel Iskan for the apartment building, you won't get Iskan for your apartment. This means that there is a risk of becoming an owner of the apartment who has no official commissioning approval.

It is suggested to consult a professional real estate Agency to make sure that all administration and real estate laws are met properly.

If you have further questions please feel free to contact us in any matter regarding real estate issues.

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